The aim of this blog is to explore how to harness disruptive innovation to directly tackle two big problems in our world: inequality and weakened social cohesion. The focus is on practical entrepreneurial approaches that can achieve change in the near term: We want to engage with others to found and support new organisations.

The kind of organisation we wish to create has the following core features:

1. It must win and wield real economic power. We wish to nurture businesses that innovate away inequities with strong business models – social enterprises with the emphasis very much on enterprise.

2. The organisation must do this by creating authentic value, i.e. value that is actually created and can be sustained without stealing from or harming other people or nature.

3. The economic power must be put under broad democratic control, i.e. real control by constituencies far more representative than just shareholders.

4. The ownership of, and the benefits derived from, the assets must be spread more equitably among those participating in and impacted by the organisation.


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