These are the new ventures that we are nurturing at the moment:

openWork: a fractional work and process outsourcing platform owned by the community of knowledge-workers. The core initial offering is expertise by unit sold at rates typical in the market. In addition, openWork sells processes as services. These processes are designed and developed by the community of knowledge workers and partners. The combination allows us to sell on-demand services combining both expertise/labour and automated processes. The beauty of this model is that the driver that normally disenfranchises employees (outsourcing in pursuit of cost advantage) is turned to the good: openwork actually uses the outsourcing drive to move the assets and value into the hands of employees/freelancers. The development and sale of automated processes is vital, this is what gives the community leverage to over time achieve a real democratically-controlled economic power base.

Status: pre-launch, early stage concept

Wardrobe: a community platform to allow people to create fashion goods. We are turning the entire fashion lifecycle on its head: consumers decide what designs they like best, and production proceeds directly from demand. The wastefulness of fast fashion is eradicated. The creative designer community retain control of the assets. It’s a fashion revolution.

Status: pre-launch, early stage concept


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