Think better thoughts

All of us are operating with thoughts that are not particularly helpful in understanding the world around us. Indeed many commonly accepted notions are harmful to us all.

Here are a few little images that attempt to capture core elements of common misconceptions and frequent untruths that appear to have become received opinion.


marginal-productivity We can not make the world better by producing more of the same stuff the same way – it doesn’t matter how much more colourful or cheaper it is. Differentiation and mere operational efficiency gains are dead ends. It is our responsibility to create real value.

economics - trickle down Economic power is something that we, the majority, the 99% have to win back. We have to do it – we can’t rely on “them” to do so – there is no “they”. And we have to do it by creating authentic economic value.

business - IP protection vs revenues _smallThis is where IP protectionism and restricting fairuse has got the high IP industries. Note that preventing copying and reuse actually makes it difficult for innovators to add authentic new value. What is good for business is NOT copyright and IP protection. (Image from – Johanna Blakley)

employee voting rights What exactly is the issue with employees having democratic rights? The vote is, of course, the thinest means of exercising democratic rights. So let’s not limit ourselves to “the vote”. But I have yet to hear a valid objection to increasing participation in business by all those impacted by an organisation. See this post also: Democracy in business is much more than “the vote”

politics - economics - only the poor pay taxThe middle classes, the 25% above and below the average wage contribute the most to tax income and add the most economic value but own very little of the world’s assets. Why do we even accept this? We live in a democracy. But we needn’t bother looking for a macro or government solution. An inequity  is often the surest sign of an innovation badly needed.

readytoshare - dimensions of IP and fairuse_smallHere are some of the many dimensions that are related to IP protection. If you are enthusiastic about IP protection, copyright and patents, have you considered the impact on the rest of society? Are you really confident that you have found the optimal balance along all these dimensions? Or are you just serving the interests of your lobby and you don’t care about the rest of the world?


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